Like you, we love to cook.  We have shelves full of cookbooks, Gourmet magazines extending back to 1978, and Fine Cooking to 1999. We have a tiny metal recipe card box stuffed full of various recipes handed down from our parents, friends, and friends of parents.  Lately, we have recipes archived in the Epicurious “recipe box”.  It’s overwhelming.Besides the latter, the recipes we love most are becoming illegible.  Food stains are obliterating the recipes.  The paper is disintegrating.  The bookbindings are falling apart.  Worse, our memories are fading.  We have made countless recipes from all of the above, but we have had a disorganized, at best, system for tracking these recipes.  After cooking for 30+ years, it’s probably safe to say that we’ve made hundred’s of recipes that we’ve really enjoyed, and then promptly forgotten them.

This compilation represents our attempt to archive the recipes that we keep returning to (and which we can find).  It started out as a Hanukah present to Jessie and Laura, so they could have their own copy of the recipes that they grew up with.   Many of the recipes are vegetarian, but not all. I have tried to give proper attribution, but I was lax at times.  Most of the older recipes were scanned in from old magazines and books and hopefully are not garbled. More recent recipes come straight off the web.

Finally, these are recipes we have made and that we like. Hopefully you will like them too.  Maybe you’ll send us your favorite recipes?

-David and Elaine