Buttermilk Biscuits

Servings: 12 biscuits
Preheat: 425
Prep Time: 30 minutes
Source: BON APPÉTIT October 2000

“My boyfriend and I were vacationing in Boulder, Colorado, when we discovered Dot’s Diner, a cozy place that serves wonderful breakfasts,” writes Kimberly McClain of Harris, Iowa. “The biscuit that came with my meal was baked to perfection. I would drive all the way to Colorado just to go to Dot’s again.”
This classic recipe produces biscuits with a lovely light texture.

Pasta with White Wine and Porcini Mushroom Sauce

Servings: 2
Preheat: 0
Prep Time: 20 minutes,
Source: Spoon University, April 12, 2012

The “Pappardelle ai Funghi Porcini” is one of my favorite pasta dishes. It’s the perfect, elegant plate to present on a special occasion. The sauce is light and flavorful and the mushrooms add a wonderful, meaty texture. Though there are many variations to this dish, most add white wine to the mushroom sauce to compliment the porcini flavor perfectly. If available, try this recipe with a bit of truffle oil to add an amazing aroma and a unique flavor to an already incredible dish. Bring out the candles, and with this meal, it’ll be a night to remember.

Vegetarian Baked Beans

Servings: 8
Preheat: 350
Prep Time: 24 hours
Source: http://awaytogarden.com/recipe-baking-up-some-heirloom-beans/

The way I cook is all about big pots-full of things, and freezing or canning for later: cook once, eat multiple times. For the price of 1 pound of dry beans and a few simple ingredients, the yield is enough for six or eight portions, most of which are frozen in small containers for later use.